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This wiki was created to help consolidate information about the inhabitants, items, and features of all of the Tap Reef games. The Tap Reef wiki is a community site, so feel free to read, edit, and add to the page!

About Tap ReefEdit

Tap Reef is a stunning, 3D aquatic social fish sim available for iOS (Facebook and Android versions soon to come!). There are three different versions of Tap Reef: Fish Farm, Deep Sea, and Jellyfish.

There are two types of currency in Tap Reef: Sand Dollars and Pearls. Sand Dollars are the standard currency that users receive from selling fish. Pearls are the premium currency that are most easily obtained by in-app purchases through the Fish Store. You can play the game with either currency, but you'll get really cool fish, items, and benefits by spending Pearls. The economies of all three Tap Reef titles are intertwined, meaning gains made in one version carry on to the rest.

Coral Power (CP) measures the user's experience and determines the user's Diver Level. Increase your CP by buying, selling, petting, and breeding your fish. You can also win some CP by claiming your Daily Gift!

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